The project activities produced the following:
1. Curricula and non-formal education materials for basic and transversal skills for Roma youth (school dropouts, youth with poor literacy and numeracy skills, etc.) in Roma language;
The curricula and teaching materials is adapted to the official curricula for the attainment of basic literacy and numeracy competences in the respective countries. The materials are published in Roma language, and in some segments (literacy) in the official language of the respective countries as well. The overall design and content of these is adjusted to the needs and cultural profile of the end users.
2. Employability curricula and non-formal education material for Roma youth, in Roma language.
The curricula aim to empower and facilitate young Roma into easier entering on the labor market. These programs seek to develop some basic skills in accessing the labor market (writing a CV, submission of a job application for example), as well as how to present their skills, experiences, and achievements in front of the employers. The materials are published in Roma language and the official languages of the respective countries.
3. Guide for Roma youth workers on non-formal employability and transversal skills education work with Roma youth.
The guide for Roma youth workers represents a supplemental tool in the efforts to empower and support young Roma in the process of attainment of employability and basic and transversal skills. The guide will focus on information on relevant factors regarding the education of Roma; theoretical models and methodological approaches for intervention with young Roma. The guide provide instructions on the provided curricula (literacy, numeracy and employability) and educational materials for young Roma learners.

Additionally, the guide feature information on the existing available opportunities on educational programs for acquisition of basic and transversal skills for Roma.
The curricula and the teaching materials are available for download Below.